Day 7: The aim is HIGHER!

Happy Sunday fam, hope you all had a great time in God’s presence. I did. It was blessedly crazy, hope you get sha. It was turnt! In all volumes and decibels! Looking forward to next Sunday.

Over the last three days we’ve been trying to get out minds and spirit set for. HIGHER, my next single with comes with just one aim; to elevate and lift us into His presence with gratitude and thanksgiving. This is the aim of HIGHER. Maybe I should stop the post here; that’s all I intend to say in summary.

So many times we go through stuffs that makes you want to question your existence on earth, sometimes it makes you want to question the existence of God. And if there is a God who is good, howyy could He allow us to go thorough such dreadful patches? Why would He want to see us suffer us? But if only we could take a look back and see all the things He has done for which we do take for granted. If only we could realize that the life and good health we have aren’t our doing, we would look beyond whatever is happening at the momeny and be rest assured that everything would always be fine.

HIGHER in summary is a love song to God, thanking Him for all His goodness and telling no matter what I’ll praise Him for the rest of my life. I still look forward to the rest of my life knowing storms would still come in the midst of bliss and joy which only He can give. That’s how I have chosen to live because even His words commands us to rejoice at all times. That’s all intend to do. God help me.

On toDay 6! See you tomorrow.

Love… #J


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