Day 8: The Creation of HIGHER II

Good day fam, hope say una dey enjoy the weather.

Yesterday, I talked about the creation of HIGHER. Well, I talked about the writing process which was more of a spiritual process than a physical thing. The lyrics and melody just came and all I had to do was flow. 

Today’s post will also be very brief, as I’ll talk about the production process of this love/praise banger that would soon bless your souls and elevate your spirit… After I got the lyrics and the melody and tried unsuccessfully to alter the second verse, I had to take it the way I’ve received and took it to my brothers; Roland (Gifted Hands), Pet@Drumz and Solotone. We created the music around it and just enjoyed the song amongst ourselves.

Still I had in mind I was going to record Tell Me and hoped the minister I had originally written HIGHER would appreciate it and record it. While the minister loved it, recording was not possible due a change in their camp’s arrangement of priorities.

In the end, when I decided to work on HIGHER it was with my frequent collaborators, Oz D’beatz and T-Brown. Oz D’Beatz (produced Idi Mma and Never Let Me Fall off The Redeemed EP) handled production while T-Brown engineered the song.

Okay, there you are. Please support when HIGHER drops. See ya tomorrow.

Love… #J


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