Day 9: The Creation of HIGHER

Hey fam, second day straight I’m here! Okay today’s post is going to be quite brief. Yeah, quite brief.

Yesterday I revealed how HIGHER came to be. Yeah, I didn’t originally write the song for me but somehow here I am recording and about releasing HIGHER. Today, I’ll be letting you guys in on the creation of this praise banger! Yeah, I just let out a big clue so before you listen you already know what to expect.

Okay, about the creation of HIGHER, well everything becomes easy when the Holy Spirit takes control and just do His thing. For HIGHER, I didn’t have to write any word on paper. Everything just flowed, I got everything without spilling any ink. It just built up in my head and spirit. I tried to write a create a second verse but in the end, I had to let it go. I let it be the way it is.

Well, that’s all for today. Brief and ends abruptly,but no worries, we’ll continue tomorrow.

Love…. #J


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