Day 10: The Conception Of HIGHER

Hey fam, hope you’re doing great. As always I’ll begin by apologizing for not being here too often. I know I really should but when you’re flying solo, there are something that would just give. Okay, but that’s not no excuse. I’ll do my best to be here “often”.

For those of you following me on my social media, you’re aware I’ll be dropping a new song; HIGHER in ten days. So the countdown just began. So this means I’ll be here every single day to talk about HIGHER.

Well before I talk about HIGHER, I’d like to let you in on how the song was conceived. So here is the gist, are you ready?

Okay, before the release of The Redeemed EP, I was trying to create a timetable of singles I’d be releasing before my debut album; The Dawn Of His Glory drops in the last quarter of the year. I picked a song Tell Me as the next single after The Redeemed EP and I was going to figure out the right producer to work with on the record. Then something happened; I had to write two songs for another singer and the process birthed, HIGHER and Because Of You; a song that I had to write another version for the Provincial Teenage Choir of my church.

In the end, the singer and her team decided to put a hold on the project they were recording, which meant I had HIGHER back to myself. The truth however is as soon as HIGHER dropped in my spirit and I rehearsed it with my band, it took the counsel of my brother and keyboardist, Roland for me to let it go. He said I should give it to the original person it was written for. Maybe my spirit never really let go that’s why it came back to me.

So there you have it; the conception of HIGHER is like a man who goes to help his friend get a wife then falls in love with the damsel he finds. Truth however is, God works in mysterious ways. He knew I was going to record the song and He knew lives would be blessed by it. HIGHER is coming….


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