The Redeemed EP Church Tour I

I’m feeling kinda prolific today; three posts in one day. Oh, if only I can continue like this day. Even if it’s one daily, it would be very great.

The Redeemed EP drops tomorrow online exclusively on Spinlet and like I’ve said from the start, all proceeds go to the Bethsaida Home For The Blind, Surulere and Children Orphanage Center, Idi Araba. And come Sunday, May 1st, the first phase of The Redeemed EP Church would kick off to promote the EP and also minister to souls.

The first phase of the tour would see us going to the four parishes under the Glory Of All Lands Zone of the Redeemed Christian Church of God from May 1st through the last Sunday of the month. After then we would reach out to order churches. If you want us to grace your church or gathering, please contact us this site or any other means you could use in reaching us.

Please support The Redeemed EP when it drops, get it on Spinlet. It’s almost free and it would touch the lives of those who have not be privileged as us.


Love… #J


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