Never Let Me Fall is out!!!

Hello family and friends, I am excited to announce to you that the first single off my forthcoming project; Never Let Me Fall just dropped.

This song was never meant to be recorded but a friend of mine convinced me to record it and share with the world. Over a year later, here we are.

I can’t even describe my emotions in words but this is the start of something great. We’re just getting warmed up.

You can download the song for free and you can also decide to purchase the song on Nerveflostore via

Free download link:

Buy here:

Stream via:

All proceeds from sales go to the Bethsaida Home For The Blind, Surulere and the Children Orphanage Center, Idi Araba. Please support let us touch lives together. Share my blessings with me.


4 thoughts on “Never Let Me Fall is out!!!

  1. WHAAAT?? Never let me fall was NEVER meant to be recorded?? I cant believe what I just read. That song is on replay on my phone. I listen to it morning, noon, and night. Because of it I haven’t even listened to ANY other songs on my phone for a while. Ever since my sister who is a recent graduate of Covenant University downloaded it for me(she loves gospel songs and loves to download as many as she can for family members) I have found it difficult to NOT listen to the song. Once I am less busy and have nothing to do, in goes my ear phones and I am on replay “Never let me fall”. I even have a dance step for it sef. I had to google the song and the artist which is what led me here.


    1. I’m actually speechless. Thanks so much and thank God for making you discover this song. I truly appreciate your comments. Wow! You have a dance to the song? I’d be working on the video soon, God willing. I’d like to offer you a spot to appear on the video with your step. What do you say?


  2. Awww, thanks jlyricz!! I can’t wait to see what the video to such an Awesome song would look like, although I am far too shy for my own good, so to appear on tv in a music video would simply be equivalent to digging the ground and burying me in it. Hehehehehe! Thanks for the offer, I never hexperred it actually, u are far took kind jare.


    1. Lol… You are very funny. You should get over the shyness though. I was once there (still on my way to total freedom). That was my bane for years. I hope you’d like the video when it drops. We should start working on it from next month after the The Redeemed EP drops online. You should listen to the second single off the EP; Idi Mma… Tell me what you think. Also, I’ll have be having a dedication party for the EP and my debut books on the 10th of April. If you can, please come through with your sis. I’d be very honoured. Regards… J.


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