So Help Me God

Sitting in my room looking at the length I played with my own photo just to make it look a bit like me but not totally me, I realise with a greater awareness how much I have tried to hide behind myself.

From hiding from the cameras, and mostly speaking through poems, almost never putting my photos on my profile across my social media accounts except only when necessary, I realise I have not been that truthful to you all and to me.

I didn’t choose ART, ART chose me. God made me for this; and this is beyond singing and writing. God made me for something special and the most I have ever done is put one leg in then take both out. I don’t know how much time I’ll be having on my hands but every time some free moments fall on my lap I’ll reach out to you my friends.

I didn’t set this blog up for me, it is for you. So the least I can do is to reach out and inspire as many as I can. From now on, I promise to be a better friend and a triller brother…. So help me God.

Love… #J


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