Gold And Roses!

I have always known there is joy in putting smiles on people’s face but I had never felt the way I felt yesterday so far in my short music career. It made me realise true joy and happiness lies in living for others. You would never be satisfied trying to always put yourself first because … More Gold And Roses!

A Child’s Smile

One of the most intriguing and most captivating sight on earth is the smile of a child. There is almost nothing I can compare to a child smiling happily. The sparkling eyes and the teeth bared with a soul so pure is something I would like to see everywhere I turn. I should write a … More A Child’s Smile

Poetry: Snakes

You call them friends They shop for your casket You call them brothers They jump into the earth with a six feet You seek to comfort They seek to break your spine You congratulate and smile They sneer and gnash You hug with your heart They embrace with fangs You sacrifice for them They place … More Poetry: Snakes