Poetry: I

I was once told I could be the greatest I believed and I looked forward to that day Then I was told I was useless I almost believed and I walked the lane I have been higher than the sky I dined with angels I have so low the devil’s had to mine I have … More Poetry: I

Poetry: Somunachi!

I’ll tell you again You’re a miracle A blessing to the earth A jewel on the neck of humanity You are a light That’s been through the dark Your path here on is set An infinite ladder laden with divine illumination We’ve seen we’ve doubted we’ve prayed We argue we vex we fight We play … More Poetry: Somunachi!

Poetry: Shangri-La

Age stricken with a permanent smile A heart that still beats beautiful drums A conscience that could house paradise A mind that never strays from heaven’s paths A hand feeble from years of good work Nurturing and cultivating greatness A leg that has never left behind blood That has never left a friend in the … More Poetry: Shangri-La