Poetry: Buhari

Never give up on your dreams Never back down from a good fight Never stop your journey half way Always leave a bit of good wherever you go Lessons I have learnt Lessons taught by your gruesome journey Lessons we should all learn Lessons we should all pass down You were the lesser evil A … More Poetry: Buhari


The most beautiful to grace the earth The universe shall bow at your arrival Heaven’s grace in flesh The world shall stand still when you come I sleep on thorns and rocks So you would lie on furs and roses I embrace the night and the dark So your paths would never cease to shine … More Chimamanda!!!

Poetry: She

She An angel passing through A goddess of goddesses A virtue the earth’s never seen She Infinite as the tides of the ocean More beautiful than its every hue Purer than the water in its depths She A jewel beyond coins and paper Of a worth only heaven can acquire The prettiest of entities She … More Poetry: She