Poetry: Divine Direction (Part 1)

My fear, my vanity, my doubt
Chains on my soul they held me down
Yokes on my neck they held me back
Helpless I struggled with no respite

A thousand sleepless nights
A million blurred thoughts
Every vision seemed crystal clear
Then I ended up in the dark

Voices, voices, voices, voice
A hundred but none I can decipher
They led me no where
But straight into more gloom

All I needed was directions
Not gold not silver, not a dime
I trusted my mind, my heart, my instincts
But in the end they fought a war I lost.

Without God it’s an endless battle between the head and the heart. Both of them can only take one thus far… Never far enough to the place of destiny. Most times they maroon us in the middles of no where, often we are confused that we were when we started the journey. Only God has every answer, only He can show us THE direction for us to take.

Photo credit: Reallifeministries.com


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