Poetry: Faith

Faith I detest my flesh still I bow to it I adore my spirit yet I despise it My throne is taken I’m losing a battle within my stronghold   How did I end up here? With these chains on my soul? How did these arrows pierce the armour? Here I stand a slave to … More Poetry: Faith

Poetry: Save Nigeria

Save Nigeria She has been raped silly Her sons mock with penis soiled with blood She weeps while they celebrate the abominable The earth rains curses only the future holds Fellows in blankets and expensive ropes Strangled our past while we slept in ignorance They gagged our present while it yet was a child Now … More Poetry: Save Nigeria

Poetry: My Dear

MY DEAR My dear first things first Never lie to yourself The greatest truth is the one you tell you The greatest lie is the one you tell you Respect every view but never forget Your conscience is your mirror If it gets broken bid bye to self If it gets blurred salute the stranger … More Poetry: My Dear